Client Appreciation + Value = Satisfied Clients

In addition to training and a clear business plan, the key for growing my new massage therapy business has been connecting with people and networking via social media as well as by joining and attending networking groups and events.  While acquiring new clients is obviously important, I have been focusing on taking care of my existing clients by offering them the best value possible and showing customer appreciation in various ways. Some of those include continuing to give my introductory rate on an ongoing basis to anyone who reschedules at the time of their appointment. Another is a free massage after 10 paid massages and/or referral combination.  For clients that see me weekly, bi-monthly or monthly this adds up fast, and it always feels great to be able to say, “This one is on me!”  Occasionally, someone’s schedule may mean meeting them earlier or later than regular hours or on a weekend, clients appreciate when you are willing to go the extra mile to accommodate them.  As a result, I am getting repeat business, referrals, purchases of gifts certificates and most important, ~ Satisfied Clients!

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10 Responses to Client Appreciation + Value = Satisfied Clients

  1. Gian Sorreta says:

    Good to know you are trying to add value to your service. I’m going to pass this on to my wife. She’s been getting massages at various places around Reno and Sparks trying to find the best combination of massage quality + value.

    • Gian, thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post. It would be a privilege to have your wife come in to see me and I will make sure that she has a positive experience 🙂 ~Tele

  2. Tele, I could not agree more. So many businesses say, “We love our customers!” But it’s not very often nowadays that true customer appreciation is seen. It’s so good to hear about a business that truly appreciates and acknowledges how much your customers do for you. Your customers are lucky to have found you and you can bet I will be spreading the word of your customer appreciation to others.

    Sarah Tomasello

    • Thank you, Sarah, I really love what I do and having satisfied clients means very much to me. I appreciate your thoughts and I hope to have the opportunity to share what I do with you some day 🙂 ~Tele

  3. Clint Jolly says:

    Awesome Tele! Glad to see you have a blog up and running!

    And everything here is true. Taking good care of your clients and winning them back is the way to success. As you know, I was impressed when you reached out to me and even more so after the appointment.

    Speaking of that, I need to come see you again soon. Take care Tele- Happy Blogging!

    • Clint, Thank you for checking out my post 🙂 I still need to put some time in on my blog to add links, etc. but I figured I needed to start somewhere! I want to thank you for allowing me to introduce you to my work and I look forward to seeing you again very soon! ~Tele

  4. Alice says:

    Great work, Tele. You really understand customer service!

  5. Bob Burg says:

    Excellent post, Tele. Your advice is sound, it’s first-hand, and it works. And, as a customer of yours whenever I’m in Reno (and as a friend of a customer of yours) I know that you totally walk your talk.

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