In a post on his blog entitled “With Honor” http://www.bretlsimmons.com/2011-01/with-honor/ , Dr. Bret L. Simmons, has put focus on the meaning of honor. He also invites us to give serious thought to what it means to behave with honor.  I have tended to use the word honor more to describe how I feel in a particular situation (honored) rather than the way one conducts themselves (honorably), although it seems an equally if not more appropriate expression of what honor is.  I was very moved by a comment left in response to Dr. Simmons’ blog post, by Debra, with the following description:

“To honor someone was to regard him/her as amounting to something, esteemed, valuable, precious.”

This speaks so highly to the intent with which I perform my work.  I consider it an honor and a privilege to have the trust placed in me by the clients and patients that I see. In turn , that allows me the opportunity to treat them with honor through my work with massage/touch that encompasses a wholistic approach of touching mind, body and spirit that is summed up in my mission statement:

“Dedicated to promoting soothing relief and comfort in a nurturing and therapeutic manner by providing massage therapy that respects the integrity and well being of the individual.”

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4 Responses to Honor

  1. Kate Grey says:

    It’s so appropriate that you picked up on the meaning of “honor,” and blogged about it. Because I feel that’s truly what you do — and why you will always be successful.

  2. Paris Romero says:

    I had come to believe, maybe incorrectly, that massage (and all physical therapies) automatically include Honor…that is until I received my first brutal massage, by someone who had just broken up with her beau.

    It is vital that the therapist treat the client/patient with Honor, so that their client can truly heal. It is obvious that you have maintained Honor for your clients during your training as well as in your daily practice. Your clients must feel blessed.

    • Paris, Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for your kind comment.
      I was very sorry to hear about the negative experience that you had. It’s a shame that you were put into such an unfortunate situation because the therapist you saw did not exercise appropriate judgement and behavior.
      Everyone needs touch that soothes and nurtures, I really hope that you have had other massages that were able to give you what you needed.
      Thanks again for connecting with me! ~Tele

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