The Gift of Being Heard

This morning I read a blog post by Mitch Mitchell: The Lost Art Of Negotiation, Part One

I believe that we all have a need to be heard and have our views validated. This applies in all areas of our lives, be it business or personal. It doesn’t mean we have to agree but at least show respect for each other. One of my daughters, who is engaged to be married, recently told me about a conversation she had with her fiance to discuss some issues that they were having. They agreed to allow the other the courtesy of sharing their views and feelings without interruption. She said the result was immediate, as they were better able to understand the other’s side and motivation behind certain behaviors and actions. They were also able to laugh with each other during the process and decided to make it a weekly goal to make time to have similar oppotunities for giving each other the gift of being heard.

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3 Responses to The Gift of Being Heard

  1. I’m glad to have been an inspiration for your writing this post. I think we all like to be heard and hopefully understood, and that’s always a good step in communications and, hopefully, attaining respect from and for others.

  2. Paris Romero says:

    A subtle delight to listen with your heart. We received an unpleasant water bill yesterday (an underground pipe had burst for days before we discovered and fixed it). As one of the Long Term Unemployed, I am down to my last savings dollars, my husband knows I am not a providing source of income.
    I made a few calls this morning to discover a few ways to rearrange the payments of some bills..our tax refund will be here in time to recover today’s discomforts.
    The change in my Husband’s tone of voice told me he felt relief from this morning’s burden.
    I listened and responded in a way to make HIM happy.

    • Paris, It is wonderful that you did not let what you couldn’t do keep you from doing what you COULD do to be part of the solution in your situation. The relief that you were able to provide your husband must have made you feel really good about your efforts, what a beautiful way to show your love! ~Tele

      “Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” ~ Robert Heinlein

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